Team introduction

      This website is maintaining by Prof. Xueping Zhou and Prof. Fei Li’s teams.
      Prof. Zhou’s team has made great achievement in elucidating functions of geminivirus encoded proteins, deciphering the mechanism of plant-virus interactions, as well as in engineering genetic plants for viral disease resistance. His team has published more than 300 original research articles in international journals, including Nature Communication, Plant Cell, Molecular Plant, Autophagy, Genome Biology, ISME Journal, Plant Biotechnology Journal, New Phytologist, Trends in Plant Science, Trends in Microbiology and Annual Review of Phytopathology. Prof. Zhou got several awards such as the Natural Science Award of China. He is the Councilor for the International Society for Plant Pathology, Governing Board Member for the International Association for Plant Protection Science and fellow for the American Phytopathology Society. He also acts as editorial board members of nine professional journals, such as Phytopathology Research, Virology and Science China Life Sciences.
      Prof. Li's team focuses on data mining of insect genomes and transcriptomes by using bioinformatics techniques, building insect gene databases, and developing algorithms and computational pipelines. The team has already constructed various databases such as InsectBase and developed several algorithms and pipelines such as OMIGA for genome annotation, Piano for prediction piRNA, and ACE for detecting mutations from RNA-Seq data. Beyond that, the team is working on illustrating the functions of insect noncoding RNAs in development. The team has assembled and analyzed the genomes of major rice insect pests such as rice planthoppers, rice stem borer, and rice leaf folders, as well as several invasive insect pests including codling moth, fall armyworm, mealybug, ladybird, etc. More than 100 original research articles were published in international journals, including Cell Research, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Nucleic Acids Research, Nature Communications, Trends in Genetics, Plant Biotechnology Journal, PLoS Genetics, RNA Biology, etc. Prof Li is the vice-chairman of the Conference on Physiology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology and the committee member of AGS 2020. He also acts as an editorial board member of Insects, Journal of Integrative Agriculture, and Bulletin of Entomological.